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Jim Ross update - he's keeping his options open by continuing to work for WWE without a talent contract

Three years after he was inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame, have they finally succeeded in putting Jim Ross out to pasture as a wrestling announcer?  (Slam Wrestling)
Three years after he was inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame, have they finally succeeded in putting Jim Ross out to pasture as a wrestling announcer? (Slam Wrestling)

Jim Ross has finally made the big decision on the future of his career that I speculated about on Cageside Seats on April 23rd.  According to a recent blog update, he has opted for the time being to stay within the WWE fold, despite failing to sign a new talent contract, continuing to work for the company behind the scenes handling their wrestling talent payroll and other related talent relations functions: 

This matter is much more simple than many perceive.  My WWE 'talent contract' has ended after a 17+ year run with the company.  However, I am still a WWE employee handling the same talent relations functions that I have executed for the company for the past few years including since moving to Oklahoma.  I simply do not have a 'talent contract' as WWE has no plans to utilize me as an on air talent at this time.

The WWE engaged in talks with me on Thursday of this week to discuss a new job description that would include what I am now doing along with other talent relations oriented matters.  I am considering this offer and I trust that a decision will be made soon regarding this opportunity.

However, this might not be a long term decision by Ross to stick with WWE through thick and thin, as he's still interested in pursuing projects and opportunities outside of the company, including sports broadcasting, book writing, personal appearances and expanding his BBQ sauce and restaurant businesses:

In the meantime, I am still interested in a variety of projects and opportunities.

While some may feel that it is in their best interest that I not remain in broadcasting, I do not share in that belief at this time.

Somewhat like the recently estranged Halle Berry, I don't think that I will be lacking for 'suitors,' so to speak, if broadcastings the road that I decide to travel.  

Today I spent a good part of the afternoon strategizing on the book that we are shopping. What's going to be difficult is what to either leave out of it altogether or to cover only slightly as the potential volume of content that's available is immense. Plus, I would rather not pen a massive book that resembles 'War and Peace.'

These are good problems to have and will perhaps necessitate a second book if there's a demand for one.

Yes...I may try and make a few more personal appearances in the future.  I have made very, very few in my career but I like meeting and interacting with fans.  I'm still a pro wrestling fan.  

Yes...I am a major MMA aficionado and that sport excites me just as football has for years.  Perhaps now's the time to pursue one or both of those ventures. is on my radar as multiple outlets have expressed an interest in me.  Some local and some national. 'dream job' is to be the radio voice of Oklahoma Football and Basketball but that job isn't available.  But if it's o.k.,  I'll keeping dreaming.

Yes...we will continue to focus in all the good things in life especially our health and work diligently to build our on line business of which many of you provide a much needed assist.

It's clearly a bit of a sore point that WWE no longer wants to use him as an on screen announcer due to Vince McMahon going under his latest youth movement kick, which may mean that him eventually joining TNA is still not completely out of the question (however, that would probably be dependent on Ross being convinced about the long term stability of the company, which is up in the air at this point):

No...I am not 'angry' at the turn of events as it relates to my WWE broadcasting career.  Disappointed, yes.  Angry, no.  Obviously, I would have liked to have had the ability to do a 'farewell broadcast' but that opportunity never occurred. 

No...I don't think that my health issues had any thing to do with me not returning to the air but instead I think that it is a concerted effort for WWE to build for the future and attempt to develop their younger broadcasters.  That's my assumption and I might be wrong as no one has told me specifically.

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