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Mentally ill fan threatens to shoot up Titan Towers over not telling him why Mickie James was fired


The really scary thing is that I'm not really surprised by this.  The Connecticut Post is reporting that Zavr Peygumbari, 22, of Brookyln NY, has been arrested for allegedly making more than 20 theatening phone calls to WWE's headquarters last week.  The threats included blowing up Titan Towers and visiting the building with a machine gun and a machete.  The caller's frustration was apparently over lack of answers as to why Mickie James was fired by the company (Which, for what it's worth, appears to be a combination of "weight gain," reacting badly to the end of an affair with a married top star, and being constantly late for the bus on the European tour).

According to the court records, he's  "known by New York City police to be emotionally disturbed."  During his arraignment, Peygumbari apologized for making the "chidish and foolish" phone calls and "wasting the time of the courts and the taxpayers' money."  Judge William Wenzel instructed Peygumbari not to contact WWE employees, go near Titan Towers, or attand WWE events, to which he replied  "I'm not allowed to go to wrestling shows?"

He's due back in court three weeks from today, May 25.

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