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Dave Meltzer claims that Hulk Hogan is broke

In an update to Bix's story on Friday about Hulk Hogan's worsening back problems, according to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on their May 29th Wrestling Observer radio show, he successfully underwent back surgery last week.  However, on that same radio show Dave changed his tune about his earlier speculation that Hogan would use that surgery as an excuse to leave the struggling TNA with his head held high.  When Bryan suggested that the back surgery could be an out for Hogan, Dave disagreed because Hogan is broke and needs the cash:

It could, but I actually talked to a bunch of people about that and the feeling is that it won't be because at the end of the day Hogan's in a different position now than he was years ago where he would always disappear.  He's not, you know I mean, he never had financial trouble....  No-one knows what the exact amount of money was in the Graziano lawsuit settlement, but it was more money than he has.  He's in the red right now, believe it or not, he's got a negative net worth and he needs to climb out, so when you're broke you know walking out because it's the right time to walk out, it may not be an option.  And Bischoff is you know gonna be with him and Bischoff is the producer of the new, what's it called, Reaction show, him and Hervey, so they're not leaving any time soon, you know no matter what you know Bischoff like tries to do some hints and things like that.

So it looks like Hogan and Bischoff will remain the main power players backstage in TNA until Dixie Carter gets fed up of paying their hefty salaries, which knowing her will be a long time coming.

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