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Linda McMahon coverage roundup: Phil Mushnick weighs in and "Superstar" Billy Graham finds something nice to say


In the New York Post, long-time WWE critic Phil Mushnick chimed in with pretty much what you'd expect.  The opening paragraphs set things up pretty well:

Among, say, 1,000 college graduates, how many would legitimately forget what they majored in? How many honestly would claim to have a degree in biology when their degree’s in English, or state that they majored in history when their degree’s in accounting?

Roughly zero percent, right?

Well, last year, after pro wrestling matriarch Linda McMahon was nominated to Connecticut’s State Board of Education, she claimed, as proof of qualification, her degree in education.

Her degree, it was soon revealed, was in French.

No matter, she was approved.

Last week, the fellow who figures to be Republican McMahon’s Democratic opponent for U.S. Senator from Connecticut, longtime state attorney general Richard Blumenthal, became the shamed focus of local and national TV when it was revealed that his occasional claims to have served "in" Vietnam were false, that he served in the military during the Vietnam war.

Bad stuff, very bad stuff. And the news media were eager to make that point. Good for us.

Yet, Blumenthal, since 1977, has ably and credibly served the people of Connecticut.

Mrs. McMahon’s self-serving fabrication — one designed to prove that she has formal training to serve the best educational interests of the state’s children — made no such noise.

Meanwhile, in the New York Times, op-ed columnist Gail Collins chimed in a piece that, like many during the campaign, focused on WWE's television content while ignoring the death/drug/health/safety issues.  It did give us this quote from "Superstar" Billy Graham, who has been incredibly negative towards the McMahons since being released from his "consulting" contract and believes that he contracted Hepatitis C in a match with an infected wrestler where they both bled:

One good thing has come from her run: Vince McMahon putting out an edict that there will no longer be any cutting of your foreheads with razor blades.  He has actually stopped wrestlers from cutting their heads with razor blades. This is a big deal!

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