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Greg Price becomes the latest independent wrestling promoter to see the very worst of Ric Flair

NWA Legends Fanfest promoter Greg Price has become the latest in a long line of independent wrestling promoters (such as ROH's Cary Silken and Highspots) to accuse Ric Flair of being a lying con man who engages in extortion.  He did this via Facebook in a post entitled "Ric Flair, I've seen the very worst of you...".  For those of you who aren't members of Facebook, here is his whole post, which pretty much speaks for itself: 

I heard today that someone told a fan at a convention a few weeks back that I owed this person $25K and that I had ripped them off last year.

I'm not sure how many people he's told this or why, but let me assure everyone that I don't owe Ric Flair one red cent. We had a written agreement and I have witnesses that will verify he was paid per our written agreement, and then some. To say that I owe him anything is a complete lie.

I take great pride in the relationships I've made in wrestling and value them immensely. I don't have a reputation of stiffing guys on payoffs and take offense when a guy that I grew up idolizing is trying to disparage me for reasons unbeknownst to me.

Ric Flair, I've seen the very worst of you. Not a lot of people know that you and your family stood outside of the Hall of Heroes awards ceremony last year screaming, jumping up and down in front of a handful of people and threatening to walk out on the banquet unless I paid you more money. I know we have fans that saw that firsthand. That's what's called holding someone up. "You pay me more money or I'm leaving now!" I believe that's extortion. It's wrong.

I hate I wasted so many years idolizing a liar and a con man.

I'm not looking for a battle with you. I just want you to set the record straight. I don't know why you'd claim that I owe you money. You know that's not true. For any other folks that you may have told the same lies, I want them to know the truth too.

Ric Flair, you owe me an apology. And you need to set the record straight.

You know I don't owe you one cent.

Price goes in a lot more detail about the events surrounding Flair's extortion on his forum in a thread entitled "Could Ric Flair Be At 2010 Fanfest?" for anyone that's interested.

So how is the wrestling media covering this story?  Are they still giving Ric Flair his usual free pass to continue being a con artist?  To his credit Mike Johnson of broke this news over 24 hours ago, but to the best of my knowledge Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly, Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell of the Pro Wrestling Torch and Jason Powell of haven't touched this story with a barge pole yet.  And they wonder why people think that they treat Flair at times like a sacred cow that can't be criticised?  If it was someone like the Warrior apparently pulling these sort of stunts they wouldn't keep so quiet, especially if the story was already in the public domain.

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