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Bret Hart is somewhat surprisingly the new onscreen General Manager of Raw

Bret Hart is now playing a role that for years he had no interest in.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Bret Hart is now playing a role that for years he had no interest in. (Wikimedia Commons)
This was a logical decision by the WWE creative team, as Bret Hart's return to Raw has been reasonably well received, he's been effective in angles playing off and reacting to other stars, and this gives him a storyline reason to remain on Raw, but it is somewhat surprising that Bret accepted.  Part of the reason why he never joined TNA is that he didn't want to portray an onscreen authority figure, as he told Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald last year: 
With TNA, they would probably have me be involved in their storylines, and I don’t want to be as much a part of the storylines.  I have some good friends down there in TNA and would love to help them.  However, I don’t see anything on their show where I would be any use to them, unless I wanted to play the role of some type of commissioner, chairperson, referee or even an announcer.  Those are all things I don’t really want to do.

Clearly Bret is enjoying his return to the spotlight so much that he doesn't want it to end just yet, enough so that his aversion to playing a commissioner type role has disappeared.

Jim Ross shared my surprise at Bret's decision to become the onscreen GM of Raw:

I was surprised to see Bret named GM of Raw and still don't know why from a storyline perspective.  For some reason I see his tenure as short term as I am not convinced that he wants to travel every week.  That's only my assumption as time will tell.

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