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Randy Orton's not fragile - he just dislocates his shoulder by pounding the mat far too hard

"Call me fragile, I will headbutt your teeth through your skull."  (Wikimedia Commons)
"Call me fragile, I will headbutt your teeth through your skull." (Wikimedia Commons)

The big news coming out of WWE's Over The Limit PPV was that Randy Orton suffered a dislocated shoulder in his match with Edge in a very bizarre manner.  His shoulder blew out on him when he pounded the mat far too hard in his trademark tease to signify to the fans an upcoming attempt to execute his RKO finisher on his opponent.  In the latest update on this injury, Dave Meltzer reported that his shoulder may have been injured in his house show match the night before and that he may have aggravated this injury earlier on in the PPV match, but clearly the straw that broke the camel's back was the punching the mat spot.

During his career Orton has suffered numerous shoulder injuries, which may suggest why he was prone to dislocating his shoulder on such a seemingly innocuous spot.  His shoulder problems started when he tore his shoulder on the September 30th 2002 Raw TV taping causing him to be sidelined for just under 5 months after having necessary surgery.  He needed shoulder surgery again in April 2005 causing another 4 month lay off.  Most recently, he broke his collarbone in a match with Triple H on June 1st 2008 at that year's One Night Stand PPV and then re-broke his collarbone on August 10th 2008 in a motorcycling accident.  This is the first serious shoulder injury he's had since returning to action on November 3rd 2008.

Naturally his damaged shoulder is a sensitive issue for Orton.  He was partly responsible for the firing of Ken Anderson after he chewed Anderson out backstage for being a careless worker for dropping him awkwardly on his surgically repaired shoulder while executing a back suplex in Anderson's last match with the company.  Speaking of Anderson, he was extremely gleeful on Twitter last night over Orton's injury problems:

I have one thing to say: Kharma is a MOTHERFUCKER!!  And it couldn't have happened... To a NICER GUY!!

Around the same time period, Orton lost his cool with a Mexican interviewer when he joked that Orton was fragile for suffering so many injuries.

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