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Dixie Carter is far too nice to ever be a succesful wrestling promoter

That's the conclusion I've come to after reading the latest news about TNA's necessary financial cutbacks in the May 24th 2010 Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  Despite having a bloated talent roster and a greatly inflated payroll, bleeding heart Dixie Carter, unlike her vastly more successful counterpart Vince McMahon, is currently refusing to lay off any talent for financial reasons.  That's my take on this key news quote from Dave Meltzer:

Among the things known is that those close to Dixie Carter recommended an extensive list (like 15 to 20 names) to be cut.  Carter refused to cut them, because she doesn’t want wrestlers who were loyal to the company be unemployed in this uncertain economic times, since there is nowhere to go, if it can’t be helped.  Still, the company has greatly increased its payroll, and most aspects of business are either the same or down, with the exception of a huge increase in merchandise sales at house shows.

Dixie probably should stop to think about how many people could lose their jobs if one day her father woke up and decided to stop bankrolling her money losing wrestling charity.  Downsizing may be a bitter pill for Dixie Carter to swallow, but the sooner she does, the better, as there is nothing on TNA's horizon that suggests business will turn around imminently.

By the way, according to Meltzer, TNA ring announcer Dave Penzer was cut because he had backstage heat and was not cut due to cost cutting reasons as he originally reported on Sunday.  The company are actually looking for a replacement, despite having Jeremy Borash on hand, and are trying to contact legendary NWA/WCW ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta as one possibility.  Which is somewhat ironic given that Cappetta was quite critical about Eric Bischoff, who he worked under for a couple of years In WCW, in his autobiography Bodyslams: Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman.

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