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Linda McMahon caught gloating that she exposed Dick Blumenthal to be a lying carny just like her

Linda McMahon, the proverbial pot gloating that she exposed the kettle to be black.  (Washington Post screen grab)
Linda McMahon, the proverbial pot gloating that she exposed the kettle to be black. (Washington Post screen grab)

I've taken plenty of shots at Linda McMahon for being a lying carny at Cageside Seats, so in the interests of fairness I have to take a shot today at Linda's Democratic opponent Connecticut Attorney General Dick Blumenthal who was exposed today by the New York Times to be as big a lying carny as she is.

We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,” Mr. Blumenthal said to the group gathered in Norwalk in March 2008.  “And you exemplify it.  Whatever we think about the war, whatever we call it — Afghanistan or Iraq — we owe our military men and women unconditional support.”

There was one problem:  Mr. Blumenthal, a Democrat now running for the United States Senate, never served in Vietnam.  He obtained at least five military deferments from 1965 to 1970 and took repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war, according to records.

Linda McMahon, given her own track record, should have been quietly over the moon that her popular opponent made such a monumental blunder by telling such a big whopping lie, but according to the Washington Post she just couldn't help herself and initially gloated that her campaign team was the source for the New York Times article.

After the Times piece hit, the McMahon campaign loudly trumpeted its own role in digging up the revelation.

"McMahon Strikes Blumenthal In NYT Article," the McMahon camp proclaimed on its site.  "The Blumenthal Bombshell comes at the end of more than 2 months of deep, persistent research by Republican Linda McMahon's Senate campaign."

The McMahon's campaign bid for credit for this got wide play this morning, leading Mike Allen's Playbook. Many observers noted that the McMahon team had thrown Blumenthal a piece of driftwood by allowing him to claim that the revelations were a political hit.

Now the McMahon campaign has quietly removed the post that took credit for the story from its Web site.

I don't know how much this will help Blumenthal, who's still got a ton of 'splainin' to do.  But it amounts to pretty clear evidence that the McMahon campaign knows they screwed up for taking credit for this, rather than letting the story run its own course.

Yeah, Greg Sargent is right, the McMahon campaign should have kept schtum because it's oh so easy to tar her with the same lying carny brush.  Unsurprisingly the Democrats have already used this defence in a quote to Fox News: 

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director Eric Schultz said McMahon is in no position to swing at Blumenthal. 

"It's no surprise Republicans would want to smear Dick Blumenthal, considering all of the debauchery at the WWF under Linda McMahon's watch," Schultz said.

Meanwhile, Irv Muchnick licks his lips while rightly accusing Linda McMahon of taking a stroll down Schadenfreude Lane.  Hmm, I wonder if that's next to Know Your Role Boulevard?

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