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Dixie Carter gets desperate, begs fans to DVR TNA Impact to boost the ratings

Over at TNA President Dixie Carter's Facebook page, she provided the world with this gem:

If you are not a Neilsen ratings reporter, you can still help TNA's ratings by recording iMPACT! on your DVR and watching it within 3 days. Every one of you who do that will be counted.

You have to love that she'd make the most desperate possible statement a TV producer could make the week that she's going to be fed to the lions during the first YouShoot Live interview shoot done by Kayfabe Commentaries.  It's also worth noting that Kayfabe Commentaries is pushing a Carter meet and greet with photo opportunities, which makes it seems like she's exploiting her MILFyness, because...

  • ...who cares about meeting Dixie Carter?  Really?
  •'s hard not to think that's part of the point after seeing what photo of her that Kayfabe Commentaries is using on the page about the interview shoot.

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