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Amusing WWE creative team news coming out of last night's Raw

Vickie Guerrero - returns to Raw to ressurect Edge's heel heat again. (Wikimedia Commons)
Vickie Guerrero - returns to Raw to ressurect Edge's heel heat again. (Wikimedia Commons)

The WWE creative team seems to be suffering from a severe bout of amnesia.  According to Dave Meltzer on his May 11th Wrestling Observer Radio show, they were so amazed at the amount of heat that Vickie Guerrero got on Raw when they realigned her with Edge and teased that she would be the new General Manager of Raw only for her to resign at the end of the show when Randy Orton went to attack her, that they are now considering giving her the role permamently.  As Dave joked, it's not like she hasn't got tons of heat in the heel GM role before.

Another amusing story from Dave is WWE's rationale for making Batista's scheduled final match with the company against John Cena at the Over The Limit PPV on May 23rd an I Quit match instead of a Loser Leaves Town match.  They nixed the Loser Leaves Town idea when they found out TNA were doing a similar stipulation (career vs. title) for Tara's final match with the company at the Sacrifice PPV on May 16th.  As Dave pointed out, the alternative selection of an I Quit match was ill thought out as Batista has already lost to Cena by submission at this year's WrestleMania.  I also don't understand why WWE would be so paranoid about the perception of copying TNA's storylines.  Didn't the recent Monday Night ratings massacre prove that the vast majority of their audience don't watch TNA and view WWE as the major league?

The other big news story coming out of Raw was that Daniel Bryan finally won his first match on WWE TV after a lengthy losing streak.  Did they attempt to propel him to stardom by having him sneak a victory over a major star, like the 1-2-3 Kid did against Razor Ramon in 1993?  Why of course not!  He pinned Santino Marella with a small package in an eight on four handicap match where the NXT rookies faced Raw's jobbers to the stars Marella, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu and John Morrison.  If that wasn't embarrassing enough, his NXT brethren then hoisted Bryan up on their shoulders like this was some sort of big deal, not Bryan simply beating the lowest guy on the Raw totem pole in a lopsided handicap match.  Poor Bryan, no-one will be mistaking him for the "Best in the World" again anytime soon, that's for damn sure.

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