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Untitled Demolition Day 2 vs Andre and Haku

I have vivid memories of the match where Andre and Haku won the tag belts. It actually happened only twenty miles away. Andre and Haku destroyed the Demos with little effort and won the tag team titles. I was use to bad guys winning titles. Just that summer Demolition lost the tag titles to Bobby Heenan's Brainbusters. But in those cases the heels always cheated and pulled a fast on. In this case Andre and Haku just beat up Demolition like they were Gary Stambough and Duane Gill. For an 8 year old Demolition fan that was just scary.

Colossal Connection vs Demolition-WWF Tag Team Titles
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MD: So here's another opinion I can't shake. I think that late 80s Andre is just amazing as a worker. He was completely immobile but he had an incredible presence and he worked so, so smart. He couldn't do much so he made sure everything he did do mattered as much as humanly possible within the psychological context of the match. That's worth a million bucks, right there. I don't think there's anyone in the world that thinks more highly of the SNME Warrior/Andre than me. I think that match won the WON Worst Worked Match of the Year in 89 and that's just absurd. It had a great story and was so smartly worked. It's aged great.

BUT we're talking about Demolition here. We're talking about Demolition vs Andre and Haku. I'm sure we'll cover the Colossal Connection Title Win Squash because it's a remarkable and unique Demolition match. This is very shortly thereafter and the Demos want revenge. This is late era Andre and guess what, it's a really smart, really fun match. Of course it is.

The story of the match is simple. The Demos want revenge. The Demos want their titles back. They're the well-oiled machine. The Colossal Connection is something else. They play on the fact that Andre is increasingly immobile, that he's the ultimate weapon to be used at exactly the right time. Haku is to stay in the match until it is absolutely necessary to tag in the force of nature that is Andre. Their teamwork is not smooth. It is not supposed to be smooth. They're still nigh-unbeatable. There's actually a Colossal Connection/Rockers match out there that shows this off beautifully. In that match, the Rockers are doing fine vs Haku and die instantly and dramatically the second Andre gets tagged in. Ax and Smash are NOT the Rockers however.

So Haku tries to fight them off from the get go and he does pretty well with strikes and kicks until the Demos get him into their corner. The thing you have to understand about Demolition doubleteams is that for the most part they're not going to do fancy moves. What they are going to do are lots of quick tags where they come in and beat on their opponent as much as possible. Poor Haku gets this in droves. There's a great moment in here where Smash taunts at Andre and Andre makes this awesome bestial nose in response.

Anyway, Haku hits an awesome kick counter out of an arm-wringer and makes the tag to Andre who promptly misses a big butt drop. He's down and Demos take right back over. Quick tags and clubbering to a prone Andre. Andre in 89 was presented as an absolute force of nature. If he touched you, your internal organs blew up. It was awesome, trust me. It's awesome here. Demos clubber. Andre gets in a kick. Demos fall. Demos come back in to clubber. Andre hits a punch from the ground. Demos fall. And repeat. Eventually, Andre makes it up and tags in Haku allowing the Colossals to take over for a while, until Haku misses an Andre-assisted Splash in the corner on Ax. Andre is just sensational here. He had pinned Ax into the corner with his body and slowly walks away as Haku charges in only to miss. Andre, however, is doing this weird little dance and laughing at Smash, thinking that the move was successful. Every little thing he did at this point was just gold.

The hot tag that follows leads us eventually into a big brawl and finish. Andre hits the headbutt of doom on Smash, knocking him to the outside for the countout. Demos get their heat back by decapitating Haku after the match, keeping the feud building towards Wrestlemania VI. Really fun match and wildly different from yesterday's match. Great presence all around.

VR: This is the rematch from Madison Square Garden. The match is telling a pretty clear story. The Demos are trying to end the match as quickly as possible. The key to this is Haku. So Ax and smash stay on him and stay on him pummeling him so he can't tag Andre. But Haku is a tough guy and he will eventually get the advantage and does when he tags Smash with a side kick and finally tags in the Giant.

Smash is still able to dodge the Andre butt crash. Tags in Ax and Ax starts pummeling Andre. Again there is some desperation here. Demolition knows if Andre gets to his feet they are in trouble. One Andre strike equals ten normal ones.

Eventually Andre tags Ax with a good one and The Connection have the advantage. It seems like a light came on and they know they are going to have to use team work to win.

Haku knocks the wind out of himself on an attempted double team. Smash comes in as a house of fire beating up both Haku and nails Andre once or twice. The referee is trying to get Ax off of Haku which allows Andre to headbutt Smash and knock him to the floor causing a count out.

After the match Demolition attack Andre and Haku. Knocking the Giant to the floor and giving Haku the Demolition Decapitator elbow and counted to three.

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