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WWE Raw Results April 5th, 2010

Full results and reactions from tonight's Raw:

  1. Sheamus defeated Kofi Kingston after the Celtic Cross.
  2. Eve won a Divas Red Carpet Dressed to Success Battle Royal last eliminating Jillian Hall, that also featured Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Alicia Fox, the Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes, and Katie Lea Burchill.
  3. WWE Unified World Tag Team Champions The Big Show and WWE US Champion The Miz defeated WWE Champion John Cena and Batista by countout to retain the titles.
  4. Ted DiBiase defeated Christian after Dream Street.
  5. Randy Orton defeated World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a non-title match after hitting the RKO.
  6. WWE Unified World Tag Team Champions The Big Show and WWE US Champion The Miz defeated WWE Champion John Cena and David Otunga after Show pinned Cena after a knockout punch.
  • The new World heavyweight champion Jack Swagger opened the show after they reviewed his title victory over Chris Jericho on Smackdown.  It was a good promo, saying that he would have defeated John Cena even quicker but he'd rather beat somebody of a higher caliber, and that he's going to Smackdown.  Cena interrupted and challenged Swagger to a match tonight and even offered to put his title on the line.  Swagger had turned him down and was then interrupted by Randy Orton, who then challenged Swagger to a match, seeing as though he beat Swagger last week.  He was interrupted by The Miz and The Big Show.  The Miz continued to rip off Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler with his "Really?" gimmick and claimed that he and Big Show are the talk of Raw.  WWE Rookie and Raw Guest Host David Otunga interrupted Miz and scheduled Swagger/Orton and ShowMiz to defend the Unified tag team titles against Batista and John Cena.  Orton went for the RKO on Cena, Cena reversed and Orton instead hit it on Swagger to end the segment.  It was an OK talking head segment, I guess, but it seemed to go on a little too long and didn't necessarily set up any matches that anybody would want to watch.  All of that interrupting also got old fast.
  • Kofi Kingston debuted red and black gear as they continue to move him away from the Jamaican gimmick.  Unfortunately, he got an Iron Mike Sharpe amount of offense in against Sheamus as his move down the ladder continued.  Afterwards, Sheamus beat him with a steel pipe, purported by Jerry Lawler to be the very pipe Sheamus used to beat Triple H with last week.  As an aside, did Triple H tell Sheamus he should find a signature weapon he could use to beat dudes with in a way to where if they ever recovered, it would just completely expose the business, a la the sledgehammer?  Anyway, after showing Triple H walking towards the ring, they went to commercial, and Sheamus was in the ring with the pipe (Kofi disappeared) and Sheamus cut a promo on Triple H saying that Shawn Michaels quit so he would not have to face him, and challenged Triple H to face him.  Triple H came to the ring, and originally backed down from Sheamus and his pipe, but grabbed the sledgehammer, hit Sheamus in the ribs, swung the sledgehammer at Sheamus while he was laying on the announce table, but missed and Sheamus escaped through the crowd.  I'm not sure this was worth two segments.
  • Maryse was at ringside doing commentary during the Divas battle royal, which is always interesting.  She buried all of the dresses, which was fun.  The match, not so much.  At one point, Maryse even said that she was proud she wasn't part of it.  They have done a decent job of building to next week's Maryse/Eve match, but I'm not necessarily sure anybody wants to actually watch it.
  • They reaired the Otunga video clip that has aired on NXT a few times.  They showed him backstage with an ass-kissing entourage, which was fun.  Why don't heels have more ass-kissing entourages?  Who didn't love Patterson and Brisco, or the Mean Street Posse?  They had the usual hijinx with Santino and Hornswoggle with the guest host that featured Santino confusing David Otunga somehow with the A-Team (since Otunga's nickname is A-List) and Hornswoggle eating from Otunga's bowl of 427 green M&M's ordered in his rider, before being chased from backstage by the entourage.
  • The first World tag team title match didn't last too long before Batista walked out on Cena, Cena and Batista brawled, and were counted out.  Otunga then scheduled a second match, with Cena teaming with Otunga against ShowMiz later in the show.  Looked like they just wanted a segment with a lot of stars in the ring for when TNA went off the air to keep people from switching as otherwise, this was pretty pointless.
  • Ted DiBiase the younger came out with the Million Dollar Belt, and cut a promo claiming his dad was never there for him as a son, but did leave him a trust fund and the Million Dollar Belt, so I guess he's going to start doing a spoiled rich kid legacy gimmick.  He also called himself the Fortunate Son, so I guess that's going to be his new nickname as he starts a singles push.  He and Christian had another good little match, and I think they could have had a good 12 minute ECW title match at some point.  Too bad they can't get that much time on Raw.
  • They aired a plug for the WWE Draft in three weeks on Raw, which is unusual for them to plug an episode of Raw that far in advance.  They then aired a very good Shawn Michaels video highlighting his career, with clips of his retirement speech from last week interspersed.  Good stuff.
  • Is Jack Swagger's robe one of Kurt Angle's old robes that they had laying around?  He stopped doing the pushups, and they pushed that now that he's the World champion, he's all business now.  He had a good match with Swagger, though it's peculiar that he beat Swagger here since Swagger needs all the help he can get as World champion.  Maybe it's a sign that Orton is going to Smackdown in the draft?  They could use a top babyface, especially with the heel champion, and Edge hasn't really taken off in that spot as a top face.
  • Next week's guest host for Raw will be David Hasselhoff. Which proves my theory: Germans love David Hasselhoff.  Just warning you in advance that I am going to run that joke into the ground, dig it back up, and then run it even further into the ground next week.
  • They announced in passing that David Otunga would be on Access Hollywood tomorrow, and the fact that they didn't plug it like crazy makes me think he's really more background fodder for a feature on Jennifer Hudson tomorrow night.  They did a good job of plugging NXT during the match and hopefully they can draw more viewers over to the show, as I'm a fan of the concept and would hate to see it canceled.  Unlike on NXT, Otunga used Wild and Young as his entrance music here, not R-Truth's music, I guess because R-Truth isn't here.  Anyway, Otunga turned on Cena for some reason and refused his tag.  Even Michael Cole called him a dummy for turning on Cena when he could have won the tag team titles.  It served as a setup for Batista to lay out Cena, but why would Otunga want to help Batista rather than win the World tag team titles?  Wouldn't that basically guarantee he won NXT?  He did seem to get good heat for doing so, though.  Anyway, afterwards, Batista said he was invoking his rematch clause for Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing match with Cena.

Overall, an OK show, a pretty typical Raw.  They seem to have cut back on the silliness even post-Mania, with just one quick segment backstage.  It will be interesting to see if getting a strong heel push on Raw results in a bigger heel reaction for Otunga tomorrow.  I still think they very much want him to win NXT, as long as he can pick up his in-ring enough to be passable.  They mixed him up with Cena and Batista tonight, and you don't get much bigger than that.

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