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Ongoing 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft Results

WWE's coverage of their Supplemental Draft is here.

1.  The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh to Raw - not a major surprise given that Khali was involved in the MacGruber skit on Raw a week ago.

2.  Chavo Guerrero to Smackdown - hopefully he'll get a chance to be pushed as a serious wrestler again on Smackdown after being buried in a lengthy comedy feud with Hornswoggle.

3.  Cody Rhodes to Smackdown - no surprise given that he was involved in the recently taped commercial for Smackdown's move to Syfy in the fall.  It's a bit of a burial though for his move to be relegated to the Supplemental Draft, after feuding with the likes of DX and Randy Orton over the last year on Raw.

4.  Natalya to Raw - this may mean that in the long run they want to split her from the Hart Dynasty tag team of David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd and use her more as a women's wrestler on Raw, unless Smith & Kidd are going to be drafted to Raw later on in the Supplemental Draft.

5.  Chris Masters to Smackdown - should be good for him to get away from Hunter and the juggling pecs joke gimmick.

6.  Ezekial Jackson to Raw - he's got the look Vince likes, so he'll probably be one of the few young guys who won't get buried and lost in the shuffle through a move to Raw.

7.  Goldust to Raw - obviously it's way too confusing to have two brothers who are singles acts on the same brand!  Given that Bryan Gewirtz loved writing comedy for Goldust in the past, he should do OK.

8.  Hornswoggle to Smackdown - maybe Chavo wasn't so lucky after all!  He might be reunited with his storyline father Finlay on Smackdown.

9.  Rosa Mendes to Smackdown - Natalya's replacement on Smackdown to balance up the female rosters.

Update:  10.  Unified Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd to Raw - OK, so they don't want to split Natalya from the Hart Dynasty tag team after all.

11.  MVP to Smackdown - another wrestler who should do better back on Smackdown after being lost in the shuffle at times on Raw.

At one point JTG was announced as moving to Raw, but then said they had made a mistake (which probably means the creative team changed their minds as soon as it was officially announced) and he's staying on Smackdown.  Either way, he's probably screwed in the long run, given that he's the Marty Jannetty of the Cryme Tyme team.

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