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Paul Heyman being courted by TNA for an ill conceived ECW invasion angle and a spot on their creative team

Paul Heyman thankfully realizes it's not 1997 anymore unlike Eric Bischoff (Wikimedia Commons)
Paul Heyman thankfully realizes it's not 1997 anymore unlike Eric Bischoff (Wikimedia Commons)

Dave Meltzer in his April 28th Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed the rumours that Paul Heyman is being heavily courted by TNA to be the figurehead in an ECW invasion style angle.  Apparently this storyline idea was partly inspired by a survey the company did that shockingly revealed that Male 18-34 wrestling fans had strong positive memories of ECW.  Typical TNA, instead of trying to learn the lessons of ECW's popularity (i.e. that it was fresh, innovative, cutting edge and counterculture for its time) and adapting their product accordingly, they think that fans are nostalgic to see an aging, broken down Tommy Dreamer go through tables again.  Making this angle even more ill advised is that WWE owns the rights to the ECW name and have already done their own ECW invasion angles, so this attempt to tap into whatever ECW nostalgia that is left will come off as a rehash of a botched WWE angle.  Paul Heyman is clever enough to realize this, so I'm not surprised that he doesn't seem to be chomping at the bit to be a part of this angle.

With Vince Russo conveniently citing that he is currently burnt out on booking and will be taking a break from being the head writer, there is also plenty of space on TNA's creative team for Paul Heyman to work alongside Russo, Ed Ferrara, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.  But why would he want to work with people whose creative vision so clearly differs from his own and who he clearly doesn't have too much respect for, especially when he's been there, done that and was driven crazy within WWE?  His Twitter critique of TNA's Impact show on April 5th, after probably tuning in to scout out the direction of the company to decide if the time was right to take Dixie Carter's cash, was very scathing: 

To answer all the questions, I will not be blogging on last night's TNA Impact.  What am I going to say that has not been said already?

OK, just one comment.  Lacey Von Erich is hot.  But there are better ways to use her ... um ... talents.  OK, so that's 2 comments.

OK, I cant resist.  How many times can u beat up RVD and Jeff Hardy and not give them a "revenge-minded" interview afterwards?  Heels beat up babyfaces.  Babyfaces swear revenge.   People tune in.  Holy shit!  The formula is not that f'n complicated, people! 

I don't want any1 to think I am saying I know it all.  I DON'T KNOW IT ALL.  I still have a lot to learn.  I don't know how to grow hair on top of my head.  I don't know how to get six pack abs.  BUT I KNOW THAT IF A HEEL BEATS UP A POPULAR BABYFACE, THEN BABYFACE NEEDS A CHANCE TO PROMOTE THE TIME AND PLACE OF THE BABYFACE'S REVENGE.

Next here on HustleTweets, we'll discuss "other f'n obvious formulas."  You know, like inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. 

I just read that HustleTweet.  In Rob Van Dam - speak, that also means "puff puff pass!"

So Heyman's probably willing to play the waiting game.  Let the WCW killers screw up another company and he'll still be there completely untainted to be Dixie's knight in shining armour who can save her kingdom from impending doom if she only grants him the keys to her castle (i.e. complete creative control).

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