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Batista upset with WWE management

Dave Meltzer reported yesterday in his daily news update that Batista is currently very upset with WWE management over Triple H stealing the role he was originally scheduled for in the latest WWE movie to be shot entitled Killing Karma.  He's so upset because he really wants to make it big in the acting business and the role was pulled from him at such short notice.  Meltzer speculates that the role was taken from him because his contract expires soon and WWE movies primarily are a vehicle to try and make their contracted stars into much bigger mainstream stars.  Will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back and causes Batista, who has talked about retirement in the past, to finally leave WWE to try and make it in Hollywood on his own?  Or will WWE quietly smooth things over before it comes to that due to their current lack of depth on top?  Time will tell the tale on this story.

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