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Former WWE star Luther Reigns is recovering from a stroke

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Luther Reigns before he retired as a wrestler (Wikimedia Commons).
Luther Reigns before he retired as a wrestler (Wikimedia Commons).

In more ammuntion for Rob Simmons against Linda McMahon, former WWE star Luther Reigns has suffered a stroke, which he and his speech therapist attributes to his years of steroid and prescription painkiller abuse as a professional wrestler.  In the article, Luther Reigns indicated, like Bret Hart sort of teased to the Washington Post, that there was a hidden, unspoken by management, incentive to be big and muscular:

"Guys would say, 'You need to get bigger,' " Wiese said. "The bigger guys were the ones getting (TV appearances)."

Dr. Joseph Maroon who helps operate the WWE Wellness policy suggested that the policy has reduced drug use by WWE wrestlers significantly:  

"It's been hugely successful," Maroon said. "There's been at least a 90 percent drop in the detection of (banned) substances."

But maybe this just means that WWE wrestlers have learnt how to beat their tests?

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't difficult for Derek Quizon to find a former WWE wrestler to cover for the company, this time Armando Estrada, who said that drug use was a matter of personal choice, pointing to Shawn Michaels as an example of somebody who didn't need to be particularly big to make it big as a professional wrestler.  Of course, he neglected to mention that Shawn was only first able to get a main event level push when the WWF was genuinely serious about steroid testing from 1992-1996 and had a really bad pain pill addiction for years until he went to rehab and became a born again Christian in 2001.

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