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Kurt Angle steals the show at TNA's Lockdown PPV with a typically nutty performance, despite Hogan, Bischoff and Flair hogging the spotlight in the main event

In full results and news from the Lockdown PPV show, where keeping with tradition all matches were in a cage:

Doug Williams missed the show due to the ongoing travel restrictions in the UK, so TNA impatiently decided to strip him of the X division title and crown a new champion on the PPV.  Sean Waltman also missed the PPV, but James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch is already claiming that he had a good reason for no-showing the event and his absence from the show was cleared beforehand by management.  Hmm, colour me a little sceptical of that story.

1.  Rob Van Dam beat James Storm to win Hulk Hogan's team the man advantage in the Lethal Lockdown (think War Games with weapons) main event.

Hulk Hogan did an interview where he gave the impression that if his team lost in the main event he would leave TNA.

2.  Homicide beat Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin in a rushed escape over the top of the cage match to earn an X division title shot later on the show.

3.  Kevin Nash destroyed Eric Young.

4.  Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne beat Tara & Angelina Love when Rayne pinned Tara after Lacey Von Erich opened the cage door and hit Tara with a title belt.  Consequently Rayne won Angelina Love's Knockouts title.  Tara turned on Angelina after the match too.

5.  Kazarian beat Shannon Moore and Homicide to win the X division title.

6.  Team 3D beat Kevin Nash & Scott Hall in a surprisingly non-embarrassing falls count anywhere cage match.

7.  Kurt Angle beat Ken Anderson in an escape through the door cage match.  Angle's performance stole the show as he put forth a performance reminiscent of his nutty cage match with Chris Benoit on June 11th 2001.  Yeah, he even really stupidly did a moonsault off the top of the cage like he did almost nine years ago.  After the match, Angle announced he was taking some time off and promised to win the world title when he comes back.

8.  AJ Styles beat The Pope after he stabbed Pope in the eye with a pen.

9.  Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy) beat Team Flair (Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe & Sting) in another overbooked PPV main event where Hogan, Flair and Eric Bischoff hogged the spotlight.  Despite Jeff Hardy doing another pointless risky stunt, the focus of the finish was on Bischoff swerve turning on Flair by giving Hogan a pair of brass knuckles.  Flair then did his patented juice job and bumped into thumb tacks.  No Randy "The Ram" Robinson comparison here, no not at all.  He has nothing whatsoever in common with that fictional character.  Abyss then pinned Wolfe after a black hole slam.

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