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Strike Force CBS special ends with wild Nick Diaz-Jason "Mayhem" Miller post-fight brawl, embarrasses the MMA industry

Photo by Zak Woods via <a href="">Watch Kalib Run</a>
Photo by Zak Woods via Watch Kalib Run

It's not really clear why it heated up so fast, but Nick Diaz (cornering Jake Shields) and Jason "Mayhem" Miller (cornering Dan Henderson) just got into a wild brawl in the cage after the Shields-Henderson main event.  Mayhem got in Shields' face, then Shields pushed him, so Diaz jumped in beat the hell out of Mayhem while Gus Johnson, after bizarrely trying to excuse the spectacle as a minor "boys will be boys" moment, nearly had an aneurysm screaming "Gentleman, please!  We are on national television!"  Diaz and other Cesar Gracie Team members were soccer kicking Miller in an ugly sight as the cage quickly filled up.

The Diaz brothers made things worse with a Facebook post:

For those that people think this shit's a game. Mayhem Millet trying to steal Jake's spotlight? Walk up on our camp like that? The clown got beat down.

Dana White tweeted a smiley face after the brawl, while Miller, seemingly finding humor his instigation of one of the worst things to happen to MMA, just said "Whoops."

At WatchKalibRun, Zak Woods has more photos up of Johnson looking like he was about to cry.

Dave Meltzer unsurprisingly compared this to Georgia Championship Wrestling in 1979 with Gus Johnson as Gordon Solie.

The Yahoo story has a pretty ugly photo of the brawl.


Video of the brawl:

An animated GIF of the brawl is available for internet meme purposes after the jump.



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