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More details on Ric Flair chewing out Orlando Jordan's boyfriend, with bonus point-missing

On his website's message board, Dave Meltzer finally gave his take on the story that we posted 2 weeks ago about Ric Flair "cutting a promo" on Orlando Jordan's (on-screen and real-life) boyfriend for dancing in a bar:

Flair yelled at him because there was the wife of a major executive at the bar who was very grossed out when she saw the kid making out with Jordan. Flair went up to both of them and told them to stop because it was not good for the company. Jordan respected Flair and stopped. The other guy stopped what he was doing, then did something apparently almost as embarassing.

Guys were about to kick his ass. Flair cut the promo. The kid cried.

Homosexual bashing had nothing to do with it. There was fear TNA would suffer repercussions because of it.

Everyone I spoke with felt Flair handled the situation perfectly and may have saved the kids job, although he was not used at all at the last taping and one person involved in that process said the mood was not to use him going forward. There are those who still want to for the shock value of Jordan's act, but they really don't want him.

Homosexual bashing had nothing to do with it?  I'd have an easier time believing it if the person doing the chewing out wasn't known for doing far more embarrassing things in bars (and elsewhere in public) than making out with one's significant other and dancing in a sexually suggestive fashion, like regularly running around naked, running around naked except for his ring robe, and running around naked except for a sock over his genitals.  I would also be more inclined to believe it if "guys" (Wrestlers?  Other customers in the bar?) weren't "about to kick his ass" over it.  Also, would the "wife of a major executive" (I'm going to presume he means a Spike TV or Panda Energy executive) have been grossed out if Jordan was making out with a woman?  Why would TNA suffer repercussions over it, anyway?  If Flair saved Jordan's boyfriend (whose name has never circulated publicly) from a beating and a firing, then that's a good thing, but the fact that he made the guy cry doesn't speak well for Flair's handling of the situation.

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