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Music Monday Debut Edition: Roddy Piper is your man


Having discovered the incredible website that is (maintained by Craig L. and Jon B., it catalogs all wrestling-related releases on CD, vinyl, and cassette that they can find), a new feature is in order in the form of Music Monday here at Cageside Seats.  Every Monday, we'll look at a single or album cataloged at that wonderful database.

Your single of the week comes is a UK-exclusive release from the one and only "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.  You might be more aware of it than other weird wrestling records, as it was part of one of the strangest angles in WCW history (think of the ground that covers).

Anyway, Piper suddenly showed up in WCW at Halloween Havoc '96 telling off Hogan and talking about how it must irk him that "I'm the only guy you've never been able to beat."  A few weeks later, a fan jumped the rail while Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko were opening Nitro.  This fan was holding a manila envelope and demanding that they "play it" before being dragged away by Doug Dillenger ("HE'S A CIVILIAN!") and his crack security crew.  Later in the show, Eric Bischoff (about a week or two away from turning heel) explained that the envelope contained a note and a videotape.  The fan's note explained that the tape contained some sort of hit song from Europe in 1992 that would prove that Piper wanted a match with Hogan.  Bischoff said they watched the tape and decided to air it.  It contained a music video of Piper singing a song called "I'm Your Man."  I'm sure you're wondering how this proved that Piper wanted a match with Hogan.  Well, the video contained a scene where Piper stares longingly at the Hollywood Bowl's marquee, which is promoting "The Ultimate Bout": A Piper-Hogan match.  Apparently the music video was a documentary.  Here's the whole angle, which leads into an NWO promo and talk of how they were going to invade the CableACE Awards ceremony:

As far as the single itself (released by Sony Music Entertainment on vinyl and cassette with the B-side "Judy Come Back"), no, it wasn't a hit.  The whole thing comes off as being pretty random since it's played straight as a serious song and not at all as a novelty.  He tried his best to promote it though, appearing on Good Morning Britain.  You can check out that appearance (in two parts) after the jump.

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