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The real reason Dana White is so mad at Anderson Silva for clowning around at UFC 112

You'd expect Dana White would now be used to Anderson Silva toying with his overmatched middleweight opponents and making a mockery of them for five rounds instead of going for the kill, after Anderson's similar performances with Patrick Cote at UFC 90 and Thales Leites at UFC 97.  But apparently this is Dana White's lowest moment as UFC President.  And he was so seething mad with Anderson, he couldn't help but fall for his Twitter trolls' bait and lash out at them to go fuck themselves.

So why is Dana acting so contrite and why is he really so mad at Anderson Silva?  The most telling quote in Dana's interview with Ariel Helwani, which naturally was slept on by most of the Zuffa controlled MMA media, was:

The people in this country including the media have really got behind this thing with support like I've NEVER EVER seen anywhere.

I'd say!  No other country in the world contains such rich money marks that they could afford to buy 10% ownership of UFC!  This show was for them, not the common local fan, because other hot foreign markets like the UK or Australia are unlikely to ever get two title fights and a legends match on the same show.  As any good carny knows, it's much more important to keep the money marks sweet than the fans sweet.

Speaking of things being slept on by the Zuffa controlled MMA media, Jonathan Snowden makes a great point that Dana White deserves to shoulder some of the responsibility for the Silva vs. Maia fiasco for booking such a pathetic mismatch.

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