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The ghost of George Zahorian finally rears its ugly head in Linda McMahon's Senate campaign

The new Linda McMahon bombshell from the Connecticut newspaper The Day turns out to be nothing all that new.  It's the well known story in wrestling folklore, previously alluded to two months ago here at Cageside Seats, that Linda McMahon in December 1989 via WWE executive Pat Patterson tipped off the WWF wrestlers' favourite steroid doctor of the time, George Zahorian, that he was being investigated by the FBI, and to destroy any evidence of his contact with the WWF and their wrestlers.  In the story, Linda McMahon and Jerry McDevitt hilariously feign amnesia regarding this memo Linda McMahon sent to Pat Patterson, despite it being federal prosecutor Sean O'Shea's "smoking gun" in Vince McMahon's steroid distribution trial.

Meanwhile, Irv Muchnick is teasing that he knows why The Day "rushed this piece onto the web late Friday and into print on Saturday, the lowest-circulation day of the newspaper week".  Let me guess, the price of WWE cooperating with this article.  I suppose that's journalism for you.

I wonder what's next.  Maybe Connecticut journalists rediscovering how hands on Linda McMahon was involved with tackling the fallout of the Tom Cole sexual harrassment scandal?  Perhaps some "new" video footage of her sitting with Cole and Miss Elizabeth on the Phil Donohue show in 1992?

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