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2010 is the year Matt Hardy finally needs to learn to shut the f*** up

Matt Hardy may be the most grating personality in all of wrestling with him being such a massive mark for himself.
Matt Hardy may be the most grating personality in all of wrestling with him being such a massive mark for himself.

This week once again proved that Matt Hardy has learnt nothing from the many times he has spent in the WWE doghouse for being far too outspoken and taking himself way too seriously.  Having still not learnt the dangers of being a Twittering fool, Matt with his brother Jeff over the weekend complained on Twitter about the injustice of Matt not getting his own cover of the WrestleMania issue of WWE magazine, unlike 26 other top WWE stars, and urged their fans to get on WWE's case about it:

JEFFHARDYBRAND wrote: "MattHardy not on one of theWWE wrestlemania magizineCovers.....That is someBULLSHIT2me!!!!think about itWWE that right or wrong?"

MATTHARDYBRAND replied: "I wanna thank everybody for fightin 4 me-means the world to me guys! Make your voices be heard to the Powers That Be! Thx 4 everything!"

I'm glad I held off from blogging about such overt stupidity that only risked getting him buried if anyone in WWE management caught wind of it, because he's managed to surpass himself with his latest YouTube video, a drunken narcissistic love letter to himself at 4:00am in the morning:  E#23 Baptism By Jacuzzi.  I'm sure WWE management will be thrilled at him further exposing their media con that has been repeated ad nauseum that wrestlers nowadays are safely tucked in bed at 11pm and are much more likely to be playing on their Nintendo Wii than getting drunk.  If that wasn't bad enough, there were lame puns aplenty and he's planning on starting a viral video movement that will apparently blow our minds, meaning that there's plenty more insanity to come unfortunately.  It's a shame that someone who is genuinely very talented is going to end up not living up to his potential in part due to his out of control ego that is fast making him into a laughing stock within the wrestling business.

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