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Kurt Angle is now endorsing a multi-level marketing program, claims to care about his health


Over at the UK Sun, there is an article about Kurt Angle's latest business venture: Angle's Signature Series meals, which are allegedly prepared by his "personal Olympic training chef and nutritionist."  Apparently, "Each Angle meal is balanced with high-quality real-food protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.  Plus, they're packed with a whopping 12-15 grams of a patent-pending blend of soluble and insoluble Ultra Fiber DX."

But wait, there's more!

While anything about Kurt Angle being health-conscious is darkly amusing, it's gets better.  The Angle Signature series is being distributed by Foodie's Gourmet Food Club, which is a multi-level marketing company, like Amway.  This company also sells its products directly to consumers without intermediaries or any kind of subscription fees, though marketing customers get a 30% discount on meals with their membership fee, so it looks like they want people in the marketing program regardless of how they're going to use it?

Aside from the higher protein and fiber content, they don't look like they're much more than somewhat higher quality versions of the various "healthier" frozen dinner options, especially with the relatively high sodium content.

While Angle is the first wrestler that I know of to have his own line of MLM products, other wrestlers have participated in similar programs.  Bill Watts sold Christian-oriented vitamins and supplements (really) and Nikita Koloff sold Amway products.  Ivan Koloff noted in his autobiography that his "nephew" did tremendously well in such programs because creating a vast network of contacts came easily to him.


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