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Wrestling's biggest Super Bowl related moment: Halftime Heat


With the WWF's mainstream popularity peaking and their new Sunday evening show (Sunday Night Heat) taking off, it seemed only natural to run a special match during the halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999.  The Rock was WWF Champion and had traded the title with Mankind.  The Rock regained the title at The Royal Rumble in a "I quit" match by having a tape of Mankind screaming the words played over the PA system, so a rematch was in order.  The stipulation?  A falls count anywhere empty arena match.  While the original empty arena match between Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk was a violent, bloody affair, the 1999 version was oddly comedic, with fans split in their opinions on whether or not it was any good.  Most agreed that the finish, which invoked a magical camera, was terrible.  Judge for yourself, as video of the match is after the jump in two parts.

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