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With ROH suing Ric Flair, what's next?


A few days ago, ROH filed a lawsuit against Ric Flair because he never paid back his advance "deposit" money for dates that he cancelled.  The word is that they decided to sue because Flair signed with TNA and there seemed to be no hope of resolving it otherwise.

So where does that leave Highspots?  They may or may not have been received worse treatment.  It's believed that he owes them $75,000 because he never paid back a loan from them, but he claims that they had an agreement where he'd do free appearances to make up for it, which he says he more than made up for the loan with.  Highspots had planned on selling Flair's old NWA World Heavyweight Title belt, which he put up as collateral) and even had a buyer lined up, but then another creditor (a local plumbing and heating valve company) stepped in and revealed that the belt was used to get a loan from them first.  They had the paperwork to back it up, and Highspots didn't do the research that would've revealed this in the first place.  With the money not coming back from anyone unless Flair pays back the original loan (releasing the belt to Highspots) and Flair working for a major company again, it seems likely that he'll be served with another suit in the near future.

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