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WWE releases Maria, The Hurricane, & Paul Burchill


According to, the company has released Maria (Kanellis), The Hurricane (Shane "Gregory" Helms), and Paul Burchill (his real name is just spelled differently) from their contracts and wished them well in their future endeavors.  The releases of Burchill and Helms aren't very surprising since they seemed to be in limbo with ECW gone, plus Helms had the negative publicity surrounding his arrest.  While Maria hasn't been doing much lately, her release comes as a surprise she's going to be one of the stars of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice (also featuring Bill Goldberg and Cyndi Lauper) that premieres in a little over 2 weeks, so you'd expect them to wait until the show ended at least for publicity reasons.

Anyway, with 3 releases in one day, knowing WWE, there may be more on the way.

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