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Video of Chuck Liddell and girlfriend Heidi Northcott working out in the nude hits YouTube


I'm not really sure where this came from.  It's the uploader's only video and he/she has the world's most generic internet handle: toxmondo33.  I heard someone suggest that it might be a viral video to promote the shoes that they're wearing, but that sounds unlikely.  If it's an intentional leak, it's probably to give whatever Northcott's career is a boost.  If it's not (and the video does sound kinda...breathy), then...umm...I don't even know.  Being YouTube, the naughty bits are censored.  If this is a real stalker/paparazzi/whatever video, then I would guess that it will show up elsewhere uncensored.  At any rate, it's...interesting, and it's after the jump.