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Irv Muchnick reads far too much into WWE NXT being rated TV-14

EXCLUSIVE: Senate Candidate Linda McMahon’s WWE Quietly Shifts Programming Back to TV-14, according to Irv Muchnick.

If Irv had watched WWE NXT's debut show or even bothered to read a recap, he would have known that the show didn't contain any material that was more raunchy or violent than could be found on any of the recent episodes of the PG-rated Raw or Smackdown.  Irv should know better than to encourage Linda McMahon's critics to dwell on a red herring, meaningless issue that distracts from the real ones blogged about here on many occasions.

Irv's follow up post - WWE Cites ‘Miscommunication,’ Says TV-14 Listing Was a Mistake.  Well duh.

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