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WWE NXT results

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Results from tonight's episode of WWE NXT after the jump.

  1. WWE Pro Christian and WWE Rookie Heath Slater defeated WWE Pro Carlito and WWE Rookie Michael Tarver when Christian pinned Tarver after the Killswitch.
  2. WWE Rookie David Otunga (w/ R-Truth) defeated WWE Rookie Darren Young (w/ CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society) after a spinebuster.
  3. WWE Pro and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho (w/ WWE Rookie Wade Barrett) defeated WWE Rookie Daniel Bryan (w/ WWE Pro The Miz) after the Walls of Jericho.

Some observations:

  • The early focus of the show seems to be around the Miz/Bryan rivalry.  They opened the show backstage with Miz telling Bryan to go to the ring and cut an entertaining promo, and when he didn't, slapped him in the face.  After the Jericho/Bryan match (an entertaining one which saw a Bryan dive turn into a belly to belly against the announcer's desk, which looked painful) Miz attacked Bryan as the show ended.
  • Otunga seems to be a guy they are counting on becoming a player.  He has the physique they like, he cut a very good pre-taped promo before his match, and he won a quick squash against Young (who, conversely, doesn't seem like a guy who's going to make it; Punk was doing a gimmick where he wanted nothing to do with Young).  It's hard to get a read for his work after a quick squash, but if he can do anything in the ring, he looks like a guy who could become something here, especially with his outside of wrestling credentials.
  • They did pre-taped packages shot at the FCW training center, which was a plus.  Slater, Tarver, and Otunga did more reality show-like interviews over highlights of their FCW matches.  This was a little different, and thus stood out.
  • The announcers were Michael Cole and Josh Matthews, kind of playing on the "pros vs. rookies" conflict being pushed on the show with the veteran Cole and the "rookie" Matthews (Matthews has been announcing for WWE since 2002, but we'll ignore that).  Cole was pushing that the rookies needed to learn respect, while Matthews talked more of the rookies having to make an impact.  Cole came off more as a heel here.  This aspect could get annoying after a few weeks, but was fine tonight.  Matt Striker served as more of a roving reporter type than a backstage interviewer.
  • Not sure if this camera is new or not, but NXT seemed to be using a crane camera not normally used during WWE broadcasts.  It was a cool new feature and I hope we see more of it.

Overall, it was a decent hour of wrestling.  It seemed like there might have been timing issues, as there were a TNA-esque amount of commercial breaks in the last half hour, which hurt the flow of the show, but there was enough different between the sit-down interviews, the crane camera, and the hyped "pros vs. rookies" conflict to where it felt like it wasn't standard WWE fare.  We'll see how long they are able to keep that feeling, but for now, the show feels fresh.

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