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Hulk Hogan picked up a new gig the same day he settled the Graziano lawsuit


In all of the coverage of the Hulkster settling with the Graziano family, nobody seemed to notice that he announced a new endorsement deal the same day.

For Rent-A-Center.

With Hogan having done so few deals like this in the past and how "rent to own" companies come of as mildly questionable at best, the timing of this sure is...interesting.

He joins Troy Aikman, who was already doing ads for the company and somehow seems less out of place even though he has a high profile broadcasting gig.

The press release (which includes lines like "Hulk Hogan has stayed relevant because people like and respect what he stands for. That's the affiliation we are leveraging for our current customers and target prospects.") and the commercial itself (where Hogan essentially teaches Aikman how to be more charismatic) are both awesome.

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