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Police report for the arrest of Ric Flair's wife released

WIS TV in Columbia, South Carolina posted the police report and we've mirrored it here (PDF reader like Adobe Reader required).

Of note:

- Flair "sustained minor injuries" and refused to go to the hospital.

- He "refused treatment to Fire."  Anyone know what the heck that means?

- His place of employment is listed as "Rick Fliehr Enterprises," which is presumably some sort of LLC that he manages his assets through.

- Beems was charged with simple assault and did not use any weapons.  It's not clear if the report's explanation that she used "Personal Weapons (hands, feet, teeth, etc)" is a selectable option used in filing the report or a description of punches, kicks, and biting being used in this specific case.

- Flair claimed that after he and Beems got home from dinner, there was a dispute and she assaulted him.

Also, since Flair's finances have been a constant topic of discussion for the last several years, it's worth noting that his house (address supplied in the police report) is available to purchase for $1 million (discounted from $1.2 million; link goes to the real estate agent's page, which has plenty of photos).  Here's a satellite view of the residence supplied by Google Maps:


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