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The Undertaker burnt by pyro before Elimination Chamber main event

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According to the Observer, The Undertaker's pyro went off at the wrong time, causing his coat to catch fire.  He threw it down, and then went off camera where he was doused with water as he entered the glass Elimination Chamber pod.  No word yet as to the seriousness of the burns.

About a decade ago, he had a close call when a flash pot on the ring post misfired and almost blew up in his face.  The clip was oddly inserted into the opening of Sunday Night Heat (with its flame-themed logo) for an extended period of time.  Two years ago at Wrestlemania XXIV, 45 fans were injured after a cable guiding some of the fireworks snapped and fell into the upper level of the Citrus Bowl.  The wind conditions in the outdoor stadium were blamed by some, as fans had overheard staffers aruging over walkie-talkies about if they should cancel the display due to the weather.