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WWE Elimination Chamber results

1.  John Cena won the Raw Elimination chamber to win the WWE Championship:

  • Ted DiBiase pinned Randy Orton after hitting both Cena and Orton with a lead pipe thrown into the Chamber by Cody Rhodes
  • Kofi Kingston pinned DiBiase after Trouble in Paradise
  • Sheamus pinned Kingston after the Celtic Cross
  • Triple H pinned Sheamus after the Pedigree
  • Cena made Triple H submit to the STFU

2.  Batista pinned Cena to win the WWE Championship after the Batista Bomb.  Vince McMahon had ordered a match for the title immediately after the Chamber match had ended.

3.  Drew McIntyre pinned Kane after the double-arm DDT to retain the WWE Intercontinental title.

4.  Michelle McCool and Layla defeated Gail Kim and Maryse after McCool pinned Kim after WhateverMcCoolIsCallingTheStylesClash.  Vickie Guerrero had ordered this match instead of the scheduled Divas title match between Kim and Maryse because the Raw divas had been talking smack about the Smackdown divas or something.  Maryse had refused to tag in when Kim was in trouble, and then laid out Kim with the French Kiss DDT afterwards.

5.  The Miz defeated MVP in an unscheduled WWE United States title match after Big Show hit MVP with the knockout punch.

6.  Chris Jericho won Smackdown Elimination Chamber to win the World Heavyweight Championship:

  • CM Punk pinned R-Truth after hitting the GTS
  • Rey Misterio pinned Punk after hitting a springboard splash
  • John Morrison pinned Mysterio after hitting Starship Pain
  • The Undertaker pinned Morrison after chokeslamming him on the steel floor of the Chamber
  • Jericho pinned Undertaker after Shawn Michaels broke into the cage and superkicked Undertaker

Overall, much of the show was forgettable, but both Chamber matches were worth watching.  The Smackdown Chamber match in particular had some really good action and was laid out extremely well.

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