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If Linda McMahon really wants to do something good for the citizens of Connecticut...

Then maybe she could start by encouraging her husband to drop the WWE independent contractors tax dodge where they avoid paying Social Security, Medicare and unemployment taxes for their wrestlers.

And if Connecticut journalists want to ask Linda McMahon a serious question pertaining to her business experience as CEO of WWE, then maybe they could ask her opinion on Barack Obama's federal crackdown on misclassifying employees as independent contractors and would she step up enforcement in Connecticut if she became their US senator.

However, I wouldn't hold out hope that WWE would get caught in this crackdown, despite the administration planning to rewrite a 30 year old rule that lets companies indefinitely classify employees as independent contractors, even when the government knows they are misclassified, so long as the company once had a reasonable belief that the workers were contractors.  Being a professional wrestler is such a strange occupation with no regular workplace and hours that I could easily see WWE continuing to dodge their federal tax responsibilities for many years to come.

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