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Hulk Hogan settles lawsuit filed against him by the Graziano family reports that Hulk Hogan has sensibly settled out of court the lawsuit filed against him and his son Nick by the Graziano family.  The lawsuit came about after Nick crashed his car while allegedly racing against another driver, leaving his passenger John critically injured with a cracked skull and bad brain damage, injuries he will never fully recover from, thus necessitating the need for life long nursing home care.  Hogan was in a tough position legally given that he apparently bought the small amount of alcohol found in his son's system after he crashed the car.  It also didn't help that Hogan was taped in prison saying to his son Nick that God had laid some heavy shit on John Graziano because of the things he was into, with Nick agreeing he was a negative person.  No wonder Hogan wanted to avoid a media circus!

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