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Media still misses the point Re: Linda McMahon, adds a wacky cartoon

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Over at the Hartford Courant, we have more of the same as Bob Englehart gave us this work of art along with an editorial about how WWE is softcore porn and that makes Linda McMahon unfit to be a senator.  I don't get it.  There's plenty of quality ammo to use against the McMahons/WWE.  It became a lot more well-known after the Benoit murder-suicide, and whatever you don't know is easy to find thanks to this wonderful invention called Google.  Why dwell on creative endeavors of Linda's crazy rich husband who loves dick and fart jokes?  That's nothing.  Between the demand for the dangerous quick release snap shackle that led to Owen Hart's death, all of the drug stuff, and even the nonsensical '80s arena tour routing where the talent was jetlagged into oblivion, there's a never-ending closet full of skeletons.

Sure, they shouldn't market certain things towards children, and they especially shouldn't encourage kids to scream that they want to blow Linda's son-in-law, but it's only getting a zillion times more press because too many people are more outraged by people having special places that their swimsuits cover (or that they go to the bathroom from, whichever you prefer to name them) than actual reprehensible behavior.

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