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TNA Impact Spoilers - TNA courts unnecessary controversy with bisexual kiss angle

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Yes, according to, TNA has pulled the trigger on the long rumored Orlando Jordan bisexual angle, having him be escorted by a man and a woman at their last TV tapings and kissing them both.  This was a storyline WWE was rumored to have considered for the openly bisexual Orlando Jordan before Jordan was fired over concerns with his travelling companion.

This is straight out of Eric Bischoff's "controversy creates cash" meme, which is completely ridiculous because there have been plenty of ill thought out, badly executed controversial angles that never drew a dime and caused plenty of PR headaches (such as Seargent Slaughter playing evil Iraqi sympathisizer during the Gulf War, the ECW lesbian kiss angle, the Katie Vick necrophelia angle, the Muhammad Hassan terrorist mugging angle, TNA signing Pacman Jones, etc).  I doubt this will cause them many PR headaches, but it just seems really dumb, as this angle is unlikely to appeal to Spike TV's macho male demographics.  For sure, it won't generate them any cash and could saddle Jordan with a career killing gimmick, so why bother?

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