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TNA Impact Spoilers - Hogan and Flair to wrestle on first Monday show, but what then?

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According to the Observer website, Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs. Ric Flair & AJ Styles has been booked for the live Impact on Monday March 8th.  Which is probably the best main event TNA could book without giving away too much or demanding too much physicality from the broken down Hogan and Flair.  But what then?  You can only give away Hogan and Flair's first televised match in years once and Hogan and Flair are way too broken down to be wrestling every week.  It's imperative that TNA gets their younger, home grown talent over to the Monday night audience in short order, as they can't hot shot every week and well early signs aren't looking too great.

Booking happily married, devout Christian AJ Styles to unconvincingly rip off Ric Flair in his role as the new "Nature Boy" and making Abyss the biggest Hulkamaniac since Dave Sullivan, just serves to bigfoot them and underline who the real stars really are.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Hogan/Abyss angle where Hogan gives him his WWE Hall Of Fame ring only serves to make the promotion look second rate as they give their opposition a ton of free positive publicity by putting over how important being honored by them is.  But wait, there's more - apparently the ring has magical powers!  Ah, what a perfect way to make your main event angle seem hokey, TNA!

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