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Tyler Black wins the ROH Title from Austin Aries. Does anyone care at this point?


After a chase that seems like forever (including an ill-conceived 60 minute draw at Final battle a couple months ago when Black probably should have gotten the belt), Tyler Black won the ROH Title last night from Austin Aries at their 8th anniversary show in New York City.  ROH is in desperate need of buzz at this point, but I don't think that this will help.  Whatever good comes out of Wrestlemania weekend will probably give them a boost, and people will have fun speculating about when Davey Richards will win the belt after everything that went down, but that's it.  The promotion had gotten terribly stale before Gabe Sapolsky was let go, and the Adam Pearce regime hasn't helped.  Either way, most of the best wrestlers in the company have left over the last few years and ROH doesn't seem at all like something special anymore, just an indy with a show on an obscure HD network.

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