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Is the Lawrence O'Donnell-Linda McMahon exchange further proof that WWE will never face any consquences?

Rick Green from the Hartford Courant's CT Confidential echoed what I was thinking when I watched the clip that kjh wrote about earlier today:

What's most revealing about this is that everbody's getting a big chuckle talking about drug abuse.

Score a big one for Linda McMahon.

He's right.  Someone calls her out to her face in a much more colorful way than it's usually discussed in the media, she gives the stock answer, and...everybody laughs?

After the Congressional brush-off (which, according to Dave Meltzer, somehow had to do with things being worse than they expected; make of that what you'd like...), I really don't know what it would take for WWE to be seriously scrutinized the way that they really should be.

Meanwhile, you can check out the full Linda McMahon segment (only a clip was posted earlier) from "Morning Joe" after the jump.



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