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Drunk Driver Convicted of Death of Charles "Mask" Lewis

via <a href="">OC Register</a>
via OC Register

Jeffrey Kirby - the man involved in the road collision that killed Tapout's Charles 'Mask' Lewis - was found guilty of manslaughter and convicted to a possible 13 years in prison from February 4th. According to the Orange Country Register:

A jury of seven women and five men deliberated for about six hours before finding Jeffrey David Kirby guilty of one count of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while intoxicated, plus a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury to a second victim.


The jury acquitted him of a penalty enhancement that he fled the scene of an accident, which potentially saved him an additional five years in prison.

"At least he won't be killing or hurting anyone else for a few years," said Kaya C.D. Lewis, the sister of victim Charles Lewis Jr., after the verdict was read. "We got him off the streets for awhile, but I am still very angry. That was my baby brother he killed."

She said drunken-driving laws need to be toughened up, especially for repeat offenders like Kirby.

Lacy Lynn White, Charles Lewis' girlfriend who survived the crash but was seriously injured when she was ejected from the Ferrari on impact, said: "No verdict will bring him back."

The death of Mask alone is a tragedy but it's hard to not get angry at the fact Kirby is a repeat offender at least when it comes to DUI's and that something like this could possibly have been avoided. Of course there are UFC fighters and personalities guilty of DUI's, sometimes on multiple occasions and it's best not to gloss over these accounts either.

It's the time of year when going out and drinking becomes more frequent and without trying to lecture anyone, please - don't drink and drive this Christmas. Or Ever.

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