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Dynamite!! 2010 Picks

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We're less then 12 hours away from possibly the last big Japanese MMA New Years Eve show (until the next lifeline comes along) and here are our picks at Cageside Seats. UFC 125 picks coming tomorrow.

Alistair Overeem vs Todd Duffee

Kaleb Kelchner -  Overeem via KO/TKO in the second round.

I remember when Fedor was set to face Werdum, I was thinking about creating a post predicting Werdum's victory. When Werdum won, I vowed to never hold back on my gut feeling for the underdog again...good thing my gut isn't thinking Duffee is going to win this fight. Overeem has so much confidence and momentum behind him, that alone could knock out a lesser man. I believe The Reem takes this 9 times out of 10, but I think Duffee will put up a surprisingly good fight, and he'll earn a ton of respect here. Watch out for that thai clinch, and keep that chin tucked Duffman, it's gonna be a rough night.

KJ Gould - Overeem KO/TKO in the first round

It's still too early to say how good Duffee is or could be but I think he's a classic case of an imposing physique getting hype after a big impact performance. With that in mind I think he's completely out of his depth and his punching power may have been exaggerated because of said physique and how good it looked when Tim Hague ran into his fist but how he had trouble with Mike Russow who I'm pretty sure isn't the second coming of Mark Hunt in the Iron Chin department. I just have a feeling Duffee is in the  James Thompson vein: might have heart, but his chin will fail him against a more technical and powerful striker who can make his size work for him. Overeem will land a very audible right cross or left hook sending Duffman to sleep while making men feel emasculated the world over.

Bibiano Fernandes vs Hiroyuki Takaya

Kaleb - Takaya via KO/TKO in the first round.

Takaya may not have been incredibly active in 2010, with only two fights, but he won both of them impressively. Fernandes on the other hand, fought once, in March of this year, and has been inactive since. I think Takaya is going to pour it on early, and get an impressive finish.


KJ - Takaya via decision

I think ring rust is a very real phenomenon, Takaya has more of a fight rhythm and momentum going plus it's a rematch where he gets to avenge a loss so you'd think the cards will line up for him on the night. Of course I expect Fernandes to make this a pretty ugly fight in terms of flow and he hasn't been stopped since a doctor intervention against Urijah Faber four years ago. A decision for Takaya if he shows the judges he's the one looking to finish the fight, but it might be a robbery for Fernandes if the judges start acting like the American Commission appointed ones. Let's hope not.

Marius Zaromskis vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Kaleb - Sakuraba via submission in the first round.

It's wrong that FEG is going to put Saku against guys who can hurt him (see: Melvin Manhoef) for the sake of entertainment, but I'm going with Saku here. I should probably expect to see Saku laid out on the mat unconscious but my fanboy goggles refuse to let logic prevail. Saku is going to find a way to get this to the floor, and take Zaromskis to school.

KJ - Sakuraba by kneebar in the first

Sakuraba gets constantly overlooked and every other fight there are calls for his retirement. What people seem to overlook is if he can make it a grappling match, he can make it competitive. His downfall is taking G'n'P punishment form a bigger guy while going for a sub. Before Mayhem Miller pounded on him and subbed him Sakuraba showed his craftiness early and threatened with a leglock. Against Ralek Gracie, his decision loss was not abundantly one sided and in fact he gave Ralek a few fits during the fight.

As much as I like Zaromskis, he reminds me of a compact and more dynamic Zelg Galesic but someone who won't out muscle Sakuraba like the Mayhems and Manhoefs out there. This is the sort of fight I'm comfortable seeing Sakuraba fight in as I've thought for most his career his ideal weight would be 170lbs Welterweight and judging by his weigh in picture looks to be in the best shape he's been in for years. The ending could very well mirror his fight with Galesic, taking some unnecessary punishment but ultimately taking "The Whitemare's" leg home with him.

Josh Thomson vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Kaleb - Thomson via Unanimous Decision

Although Josh Thomson took this fight on short notice, I don't see Kawajiri having anything for Thomson here that can swing the fight his way. Thomson will likely use his varied arsenal of strikes to set up his take downs, and work towards a safe, one sided victory.

KJ - Thomson by decision

I basically agree with Kaleb and see this as an opportunity for Thomson to get back on track in the Strikeforce division for 2011 after a safe though solid performance in Japan.Caol Uno vs. Kazuyuki Miyata

Caol Uno vs Kazuyuki Miyata

Kaleb - Uno via Unanimous Decision

Uno's had a very rough streak, not seeing any success inside the UFC, and he's not getting an easy fight returning to Japan. This was a hard pick for me, but I've got faith in Uno, and expect he may look quite good at featherweight. Who knows, a few wins at featherweight may see him return to the UFC once again.

KJ - Miyata by Decision

As much as it'd be great to see another MMA veteran (and arguably legend) start another comeback, I think Miyata's wrestling will be too much. We might see some German Suplexes, we might see some sneaky counters into rolling kneebars but I think the younger lion who trains in the Karl Gotch method of conditioning will push a pace too much for Uno to handle.

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