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UFC Announces Chuck Liddell's Employment as VP of Business Development


"I'm looking forward moving on to this stage of my career, now that I'm retired."  - Chuck Liddell

At the pre-fight press conference for UFC 125, Dana White announced that Chuck Liddell would be joining the company, no longer as a fighter, but as a businessman.  It had been rumored that the announcement would be anything from the next coaches of the ultimate fighter, to the UFC making Ion Television the "UFC Channel", not many were expecting a Chuck Liddell announcement, let alone that he'd be getting a new job as VP of Business Development.

Dana White had previously mentioned possibly getting Chuck a job if it meant keeping him from getting hurt in the cage anymore, and it appears that an agreement was reached, with all parties pleased.  It's been a great career Chuck, thank you for the hard work you gave the sport in the cage, and the work you'll now do outside of it.

Photo via Jeff Sherwood, of Sherdog

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