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Chuck Palumbo, Jeremy Borash, make some interesting comments about TNA



Over at his twitter,  former WWE star Chuck Palumbo made these rather interesting comments about TNA's payscale and the company's unwillingness to pay medical bills for injuries that occur on their watch.

2 fans asked me how much a wrestler makes over at TNA today, when I told them the "average mid carder"is makin less than $500 a hotels .....they couldn't believe it..
That's before taxes and expenses and paying your own health insurance.They were like holy****, we better stay in school.. I said "good idea."

That's not a knock on the boys.I respect their passion. The wrestling companies take advantage of their passion! Any company outside of wrestling would love to have workers with the desire work ethic and passion of a wrestler. The ones that do care about their employees and give them benefits etc..bonuses too



Palumbo later added, when a fan asked him why he had made these comments, "I normally don't but felt I should speak up for the boys....that s*** bugs me. Ask ANY pro wrestler if my statements r true."

For the record, going by what has been reported and what several former TNA stars have said themselves, these figures are accurate. And in fact may be generous, considering some of the figures thrown about (there are several wrestlers in TNA who, going by the stories, would love to make $500 or slightly less a match, including most of the women.) 

More interestingly, these comments come a few days after one TNA employee on twitter, Jeremy Borash, attempted to take the morale highground on WWE, after the group released Kaval two days before Christimas (it has since been revealed Kaval had asked for his release, and the split was amicable).

Very grateful to be working for a company that gives out bonus checks at Christmas instead of walking papers.


Yes: you read that correctly. After the barrage of talent mistreatment stories in TNA that have come out in the last year, Borash actually had the gall to call out WWE for treating their workers poorly! At this point, it's questionable whether most TNA wrestlers have even seen a bonus cheque in the time they've work for the organization. Needless to  say, this did not go down very well and responses, whch were overwhelmingly negative, to this tweet, included:


@Jeremyborash You feel grateful you work for a company that pays its women slave wages?

 @Jeremyborash I bet Taylor Wilde agrees! Also all the dudes in your company who have to pay their own medical bills. Super awesome!!!

@Jeremyborash This the same company that brings people in for a PPV, then tells them they're getting fired that night with no prior notice?


The last tweet was a reference to an incident in the summer, in which TNA Knockout Roxxi (brought in partly because ODB had had the nerve to question the direction of the flagging women's division on facebook and TNA had decided not to use her) showed up for her P.P.V match with Madison Rayne at Slammversary and was told, with no prior notice, this was her last night with the company. P.W.I and the Wrestling Globe Newsletter's Mike Aldren also claimed Roxxi was embarrassingly told, to her face, it was partly a problem with her looks that motivated their decision to release her.  If that is the case, why they didn't just lie to spare her feelings, I don't know. 

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