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Dana White the Life Saver? UFC President Pays for Little Girl's Surgery


UFC president Dana White is a constant topic in the MMA community.  Whether it be a negative story, such as the "Loretta Hunt Rant", or his philanthropic ways, like supporting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the man makes waves.  Even this close to Christmas, White is making sure that he stays off Santa's naughty list, as word comes out that he is going to pay for a little girl's kidney transplant.  

A fighter from Massachusetts, Ben Pittsley, took to the UG to seek aid for the daughter of a trainer from Tiger Muay Thai, who the doctors said had four weeks to live if she did not undergo a kidney transplant.  Here is the original post:

I recently visitied Tiger Muay Thai and had the experience of a lifetime, But this is not about me, this is about SAVING THE LIFE OF A 4yr OLD GIRL!!!!

 I had the pleasure of training with Kru Nai and meeting his family....When I returned home I learned that his daughter needs a LIVER TRANSPLANT or will die....the doctors gave 4 weeks to live.....

Please donate and help save a life

Mr. DANA WHITE, If you are a true ambassador for the sport.....PAY FOR THIS SURGERY!!!

Please help, no donation to small........the clock is ticking or contact TIGER MUAY THAI for details

Nai is the trainer in Roger Huerta's HL Video.....

STEP UP Mr. WHITE.....please save a life

Shortly after, a confirmed UFC employee that posts on the UG gave a simple, but relieving statement:

Dana will pay for the remaining funds needed for the surgery.

It would have been a PR disaster for the UFC if White ignored this plea for help and this girl didn't receive the help she needed in time. That being said, if we lived in a world where this never would have gotten out, and the only person who knew was Dana White himself, I'd like to believe there's not a chance that he would have done anything differently.  To be able to boldly say that you saved someone's life is something few men and women can do, and even fewer can say they had such a direct effect on the life or death of a human being.  

Say what you will about Dana, call him arrogant, egotistical, foolish, or a jerk...but the only gravestone he's interested in seeing, is that of the UFC's competition.

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