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Conclusion - Linda McMahon doomed to fail due to the killer combination of political evasiveness and ignorance

Linda McMahon - evasive full stop.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Linda McMahon - evasive full stop. (Wikimedia Commons)

James Caldwell of the Pro Wrestling Torch has an interesting take on Linda McMahon's loss, suggesting that things might have turned out differently if she wasn't so evasive about her professional wrestling past.  Here's my take on Caldwell's piece:

The problem wasn't just that Linda was evasive about her professional wrestling past.  She perhaps could have gotten away with being so evasive about her professional wrestling past, if she wasn't evasive about everything else too.  She was evasive about her political plans, evasive about health care, evasive about the minimum wage, evasive full stop.  In fact, questions about wrestlers dying young were more "fair game" than probing questions about the so-called real issues.  That's because all she had was her rose-tinted narrative and to quote Chris Powell "a crib sheet's idea of political issues".  Her campaign team tried to cocoon her from reporters so that her political naivete wouldn't be exposed, but she was still caught out on friendly territory when she opened her mouth too much about the minimum wage to the National Federation of Independent Business, which belied that she was more concerned about the issues faced by "small" employers based in Connecticut like WWE, than the issues faced by their employees.  Just like she hid behind her slow to evolve Wellness policy and WWE spokesperson Robert Zimmerman, she hid behind her campaign team on the issues of substance.  Instead she preferred to concentrate on whatever dirt she could find on her generally well liked opponent Dick Blumenthal, which backfired when she overdid it, and vaguely talking about her metamorphosis from bankrupt pregnant mum to billionaire grandmother wrestling impresario, a story that she couldn't even keep straight.  So, yes, Linda was almost certainly doomed to fail, because even if evasiveness was not engrained into her soul after 30 years in the wrestling business, then her political ignorance would have done her in much quicker.

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