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WWE road agent Dean Malenko has suffered a hushed up health scare

Dean Malenko - the latest WWE road agent to suffer a hushed up health scare.  (Wikimedia Commons)
Dean Malenko - the latest WWE road agent to suffer a hushed up health scare. (Wikimedia Commons)

In a very hushed up story, Irv Muchnick reports that WWE road agent Dean Malenko suffered a serious health scare recently.  Muchnick claims that Malenko had a heart attack in recent months, but that Malenko kept quiet about his apparent health problems when he was backstage visiting friends and colleagues at the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday that was held close to his home in Florida.  Moreover, WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman refused to comment about the story to Muchnick.  Muchnick made the obvious link to the deaths of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, given that Malenko was their road partner and later management confidante.  Indeed, Dean was so trusted that according to Matthew Randazzo in Ring Of Hell he rationed/supplied his recovering pill addict friend Eddie with the painkillers that he needed to cope with the arduous WWE schedule in the months prior to his death.

This isn't the first health scare of a performer/employee that WWE has tried to hush up.  It took over a year before Irv Muchnick broke the news of Randy Orton's attempted suicide/accidental overdose in the spring of 2006.  More recently, WWE shamelessly downplayed the severity of Ricky Steamboat's brain injury and went out of their way to deny that it could have possibly been caused by the Nexus beatdown angle he was involved in days prior to being hospitalised.

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