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WWE Survivor Series Results, Live Updates and Open Thread

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Last night we got UFC 123 and tonight we turn our attention to WWE Survivor Series from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. We'll have our usual coverage of providing live bullet point updates as the event unfolds. The show starts at 8 p.m. ET so be sure to join us then. The night's card looks like this, per the WWE website:

WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett (with special guest referee John Cena)
World Heavyweight Champion Kane retains his title over Edge
United States Champion Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase
Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Kaval
Team Mysterio def. Team Del Rio (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)
WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Natalya def. LayCool to win the Divas Championship in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match
John Morrison def. Sheamus

Broadcast is live and I can't say enough how great the WWE production team is with their opening video packages. We'll start the night with the United States Championship match.

  • First match not even underway and I'm tired of the Michael Cole heel schtick. I'm also feeling nostalgia for Survivor Series of old. The lights briefly go out as the Bryan-DiBiase match gets underway but they're quickly back up. I've had high hopes for DiBiase since he came on Raw and Bryan takes everyone to a good match. So far so good. DiBiase getting most of the offense in. 
  • They pick up the pace a bit and Bryan starts to get his offense going. I'm very pleased with how fluid these two are working together. Small package by Bryan gets a two-count and a big pop from the crowd. I'm a mark for a hot crowd and these fans seem to be into it here early on.
  • Big suplex off the top rope leads to a two-count for Bryan. Bryan reverses a near fall into the LeBell Lock and DiBiase taps. Bryan retains the title.
  • Bryan walks out celebrating his win and gets ran over by Miz and Alex Riley. Miz hits the ring to cut a promo and the lights go out again. Once again right back up and Miz goes right into it. Miz getting cheap heat by talking shit on the Miami Heat and Lebron James. He says Wade Barrett might become champ tonight whereas Lebron will never be champ. He also says he's tired of carrying around the Money in the Bank briefcase and I think we all agree with him.
  • Sheamus in the back now cutting a promo on John Morrison. They're next.
  • Sheamus opens by slapping Morrison and good god I hope we're not in for a glorified squash match. Morrison gets some offense in and gets a corkscrew over the top rope. He's really going to work and this is the right thing to do. Sheamus is established and they need to get Morrison over.
  • Just as I say that, Sheamus takes over again. His strong style doesn't really jive well with Morrison's whole Parkour or whatever the hell it is style. With Sheamus getting most of the offense in it's a much slower paced match.
  • Sheamus is just destroying him now and Cole is playing up the fact that he's killing him and I'm pissed. I don't get it. Why would they continue to do this to Morrison? I mean he's just pounding on him and screaming at the crowd like an irate banshee.
  • Morrison finally gets back in it and goes toe-to-toe with Sheamus. Now he's back flying around and the crowd is acting like he stands a chance of winning this match. Irish Curse backbreaker gets two for Sheamus. He looks for the High Cross and Morrison actually reverses. Please surprise me and let me win clean, WWE. I know you won't but it would be the right thing.
  • Holy shit, they gave it to him. Morrison just took Sheamus to one of the best matches of his career and he got the clean 1-2-3. I'm extremely impressed with both guys.
  • John Cena sighting. He's in the back and R-Truth comes up and says he might have a solution to Cena's problem. Truth offers to create an accident for Randy Orton and Cena is playing the Hogan style babyface of the 80s saying he's calling it down the middle. Ugh. Intercontinental championship match up next.
  • My woman hears Vickie Guerrero come out with her "Excuse me" schtick and says, "Her head just needs to spontaneously combust." I love her.
  • "The intercontinental championship has never changed hands in the city of Miami." And John Lamb just marked out as hard as I did for Morrison beating Sheamus.
  • Good match so far with both guys trading high octane offense. Kaval legitimately looks like he could win the title. Ziggler gets the sleeper hold but Kaval gets out. Catapult kick off the top rope from Kaval and a rest spot after. A bit more offense and Ziggler gets a roll up for the pin and he retains his title. Nothing special but a damn good match on such short notice.
  • Time for the traditional Survivor Series elimination match.
  • Team Rey = Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters. Team Del Rio = Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Tyler Reks, Cody Rhodes and Drew McInytre.
  • MVP is the first guy out. Shortly after Masters taps to Del Rio and it's now 5 on 3 in favor of ADR's team. Big Show comes in and gets a nice reaction from the crowd.
  • Wow. McIntyre just completely blew a spot in the ring. Del Rio is getting helped out after a big shot from Big Show "put him out." Kofi and Rhodes in now and Kingston slaps Cody in the face. He goes absolutely ape shit and goes out to the announce table to get his jacket with a mirror to check his face. Great heel schtick. He comes back in and gets wrecked by Big Show for the pinfall and now he's out. Back to even at 3-on-3.
  •  Big Show and Swagger in now and Show goes for the chokeslam. He gets reversed into the ankle lock but gets the tag to Mysterio. Rey works Swagger and goes for the 619 and that gets turned into the ankle lock. He gets out and attempts a counter 619 but Reks tags himself in. Rey goes to Kofi and now it's Kofi and Reks going at it. Kofi gets a roll up pin and Reks is out.
  • Swagger comes in and catches a kick and finally the ankle lock gets a tap. Kofi is out. It's down to Swagger and McIntyre vs. Mysterio and Big Show.
  • Mysterio hits the 619 on Swagger and gets the clean pinfall. McIntyre is the last one left. That's considering ADR not coming back out. Rey hits the 619 and McIntyre goes right into a chokeslam from Big Show and that does it. Rey Mysterio and Big Show are the sole survivors and Team Mysterio takes it. Not even close to as good as the old Survivor Series matches used to be.
  • Diva's title match up next. Take your breaks now. I know I will.
  • Natalya gets the sharpshooter and wins the Diva's title. LayCool starts beating on Natalya after the match and Beth Phoenix makes her return for the save. She gives Natalya a hug and puts her on her shoulders to celebrate with the belt(s).
  • Up next is Kane vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Can't imagine it will be much better than Kane-Taker but we'll see what Edge can do with it. The storyline leading up to this match has been garbage so my hopes aren't exactly high.
  • Just as I thought, the match is moving at a snail's pace with no meaningful action to a crowd that is absolutely dead. Not sure how they can justify Kane carrying the World title anymore.
  • A horrific match mercifully ends after Edge hits the spear. He pins Kane with an arm over but his shoulders were down at the same time. Which means the winner is actually Kane because the 3-count results in a tie. One of the worst title matches of the year.
  • They do a big spot with a wheelchair where Edge sent Kane through the barrier. Trying to keep Edge over while leaving the belt with Kane. Which makes little sense to me as far as money goes because nobody wants more matches at the top of the card featuring the Big Red Monster. I'm sorry but that was really difficult to sit through.
  • Time for the Tag Team Championship match that no one cares about because it wasn't set up in any way. I get more jaded everyday. I endorse Nexus fully but would love to see Santino and Kozlov win here. Love watching those two.
  • Slater and Gabriel retain the titles. As they celebrate a message comes in from the GM. Cole goes into his schtick and reads off a reminder that Nexus is banned from ringside for the upcoming WWE title match. If they interfere then they will be indefinitely suspended. And now it's time for the main event.
  • Leading into the main event, the video package is good enough that they better come through with something big.
  • Slow match throughout. Odd that they haven't created many opportunities to play on the Cena referee stipulation. He's called it clean up until now. Match is really disappointing so far.
  • Barrett hits Wasteland and Orton grabs the rope. Barrett is getting in Cena's face now and pushes him. Cena pushes him back and Orton hits the RKO. Cena counts two and hesitates for a second before finally counting three and Orton retains the title.
  • Cena rips off his ref shirt and Nexus comes out to attack. He fights them off with Orton. Now he goes out to grab the WWE title and walks into the ring, presumably to present it to Orton. A few members of the crowd are chanting the Goodbye song to Cena. Cena hands Orton the title and they hug in the center of the ring. Orton celebrates with Cena rested up against the turnbuckle. Now Orton walks out and Cena is left alone in the ring. Cena takes off his armbands and places them in the center of the ring. The crowd chants his name and he salutes them. He goes out and gives Michael Cole a hug and Cole says, "I love you, John." He also gives Sign Guy a hug. He stops for another hug. Once he gets to the top of the entrance ramp he turns around to loud cheers and says, "Thank you." Now he's walking through the crowd and getting it in with the fans. This obviously isn't the end for Cena but they are really hamming it up for him. He literally did a lap around the arena before finally heading to the back. End.

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